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Terry and his dogs

Celticwolf Puppies

Working on the farm

Working on the farm

Playing with the family

The Pack :-)

Celticwolf at WKC Championship Show 2013

Chief - Crufts 2005 06 07 08 09 & 10

Andrea & Nyha Crufts 2012 2013 2014

Luna - Qualified for Crufts 2013

Chief and Kalis pups working with Tico

Chief at Crufts 2005 and 6 years running

Walking 6 Malamutes on lead

7 dog team. Chief Kali & 5 of their pups

Working on the farm

Celticwolf Alaskan Malamutes

Playing in the forest

Arriving back from a 4.5 mile jog

Lead - Tico & Nika. Team - Bini & Luna

Juno - Bini - Tico - Luna

Luna & Sam. Their first time on the rig

Nyah - Celticwolf Long Night & Josh

Chello - Celticwolf Warrior Queen

Bryan & Tank KC GOLD Good Citizen award

Olly & Siku - Top placed Malamute team

10 offlead dogs - Stand Stay

Basic training with some of my pack

Chief, Nika & Kali - Working on the farm

Timba, Juno & Chief - Out on the farm

The big Chiefs 6th time at Crufts

On the famous Green carpet

Crufts 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 & 2010

Juno - Crufts 2007 & 2008

Night sledding with Chief & Kali 2005

Terry with Chief & Kali 2006

Terry, Chief & Kali - Pembrey Rally 2007

Chief, Kali & Terry, Pembrey Rally 2008

Tug Tico Nika & Tel competing 2010

Bini with the new sled

Tico - Italian import

Del Biagio - Celticwolf - Yukimigata

Terry at 5000ft Italian mountains 2008

6 Malamute - Down Stay

4 Sleddogs 5 Sheepdogs laying together

5 week old pups walking as a pack

Sheepdogs & Sleddogs off lead Stand

2 boys 3 girls

Cosy up

Nice and warm in here Mum

Tico & Nika

Tico & Nika

Celticwolfs male Lead Dog - The Chief

Kali Celticwolfs Female Lead Dog

Luna at 6 months. Her first snow season

Luna with Mum, Dad & sister Nika

The pack resting together ;-)

Kali with her pups

Timba - Run Free Girl

Chief - Timba - Kali

Timba with Juno - Timba Crufts 2005 06

Chief Crufts 2005 06 07 08 09 & 2010

Celticwolf Summer Solstice. Crufts 07 08

Arctic Invader Del Biagio of Celticwolf


Qualified for Crufts 2010. His 6th year

Waiting to leave the yard

Timba, Juno & Chief - Mum, Juno & Dad

Chief, Nika & Kali - Dad, daughter & Mum

Chief at the World Sheepdog Trials

Mum & Dad, and 5 of their kids

Terry in Italy with Crufts Best Mal 2007

The Celtmobile

Smilling faces - KALI-CHIEF- KASKAE-JUNO

Sledding on the farm

7 dog team. The family pulling together

Dan & Kas ready with Mum, Dad & Juno

Dan - Kas - Juno - Kali - Chief

Junos first harness

Timba, Juno, Chief - Mum, Daughter, Dad

Waiting to get going

Cheif, Juno & Kali working in step

Chief, Timba & Kali

Cheif, Timba & Juno

Atka - Celticwolf Kayuh Atka at 4 weeks

Kas looking over Pen-y-Fan


Welcome to


Alaskan Malamutes


Breed Specific Training and Rehabilitation.

Also available for all breeds.


For information please call ;

01559 371696


UK Kennel Club &  AMCUK  Code of Ethics.



Litter Planned for2019.


Celticwolf Alaskan Malamutes do not advertise puppies for sale on 'puppies for sale' websites or in any Freeadd newspapers.


Puppy enquiries and visits arranged by phone.



Celticwolf Pups

KC Reg,




Both Parents Health Tested,

Hip and EyeTested,

Lifetime Breeder Support,


Advice on Feeding, Worming, Exercise, Training, Socialising, Working,  and Showing,

from a breeder, trainer and competitor, that has

' been there and done it '



Young and Adult dogs

Sometimes Available

For information, or to ask any questions

about puppies or training,

please call 01559 371696



One Of

The Only Kennels In The UK To Work Alaskan Malamutes On The Farm


Taking hay out for the sheep and bringing logs in for the fire. 

Beware of imitations !



'Working' as in using the breed for what they were bred for.

Working in a team, doing a job, hauling loads, over snow, with a sled.



Working with a team of dogs harnessed to a sled, out on the farm, in the snow, doing a job, carrying a load, in below zero degrees conditions, is a completely different thing to 'playing' with a lightweight rig on dry flat ground !



We hope you enjoy your visit to our website 






ex AMCUK Committee member,

AMCUK Breeders List

& AMCUK Rescue Trustee

(Nominated and Voted for by the Members at AMCUK AGM 2011

As mentioned in AMCUK club magazine 


' It's A Dogs Day Out ' - Breed representative

2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 & 2017




Celticwolf qualified for Crufts


2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008

2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012

2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016

  2017 -2018 & 2019 



In 2019, at least one Celticwolf  Malamute will have

Qualified and Shown at Crufts for the 15th. year running




 Alaskan Malamute Training 

 & Rehabilitation  Available


Plesae call 01559 371696 for info





Site updated  6 / 1 / 19

Updated Facebook Page 




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Site launched May 2007





Celticwolf's pups achievements


Congratulations to their owners


Celticwolf Rising star - Luna

Qualified for Crufts 2013


Celticwolf Long Night - Nyah

Qualified for Crufts 2012 & 2013


Celticwolf Warrior Queen -Chello

Qualified for Crufts 2010 & 2011


 Celticwolf Loving Life - Theo

Qualified for Crufts 2011


Celticwolf Summer Solstice - Juno

Crufts 2006 & 2007


Celticwolf Mynnydd Siku - Siku

3rd in UK Cani-X Championship


Celticwolf Mountaineer - Tank

 Kennel Club GOLD Good Citizen award  



Celticwolf is one of the only kennels in the UK that works Alaskan Malamutes on the farm. In the winter they bring logs to the house for the fire, and take hay out from the barn to feed the sheep.


Here at Celticwolf, we also rehabilitate problem dogs that dog behaviourist, vets and dog trainers have failed to help.


See Training page for more info.


Celticwolf Alaskan Malamutes love to work. Working in a team and fullfilling their natural instincts is what they were born for, and what the Alaskan Malamute is all about.


If you would like to come and visit us and see our Alaskan Malamutes, you are welcome to contact us on 01559 371696.

Our Alaskan Malamute family loves to have visitors.


As well as living a fullfilling natural life here on the farm, all our Alaskan Malamutes go out for training days and nights in the forest, and also compete in Rallies and Shows.

They have competed in sleddog rallies for the past 6 years, and have been placed top Malamute team.


We also do a little Showing. Between them, our Alaskan Malamutes have 20 Qualifications for Crufts, and have Qualified for Crufts for 9 years running.

Our Alaskan Malamutes have 6  top 4 'places' in classes at Crufts.

We've had a Father, Mother & 2 Daughters qualified for Crufts from our Pack.

3 Celticwolf puppy owners have also qualified their for Crufts.

Celticwolf have many top places at Championship shows, and have been placed Best Puppy in Breed at Championship level.


Chief, our boy from imported parents,  won ' Best in Show ' at his very first Show, and was,' 1st. in class ', and ' Best Puppy in Show '.  Chief also won 1st. Place in ' Puppy ' 1st. Place in 'Junior ' and was ' Best Puppy in Breed ' at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show & gained his first Crufts qualification at just 9 months old. 

He is only shown at Championship level now,  & has qualified for Crufts for 6 years running  Thats my boy


Terry has lived around dogs all his life, he has  owned and trained generations of dogs and competed in top level of Competitive Obedience, Agility, Breed Shows, Sleddog Rallies, & Sheepdog Trials. 

Terry teaches obedience at an Obedience / Ringcraft club, has trained the intsructors at dog training clubs, judged Sheepdog Trials, given demonstrations with his dogs, qualified for the County Sheepdog Team for many years, had his dogs on TV , and now gives 1 to 1 instruction and trains Sheepdogs and Gundogs for competition and work.

Terry has given Obedience training for nearly 2 decades, to Obedience handlers  who would like their dogs to get out of Beginners and Novice classes, and go on to compete in the 3 higher levels of Competitive Obedience.


We offer all types of Alaskan Malamute training, Obedience, Ringcraft, Harness Training, Teamwork, etc, and we are available for help with, advice on the breed, puppy training, socialising, temperament and behaviour.


The Alaskan Malamute is a frieghting dog, bred to pull heavy loads at a steady pace for long periods, over long distances in arctic conditions, and have been used for this work for thousands of years. They were used to ward off Polar bears from the village or from the hunting party out on the sled. They helped to hunt seal by sniffing out the blowholes and telling the hunting party where the thin ice was. - You can still see them today, if they hear something in the long grass or under the ground, listening, looking, and jumping into the air to come down on their two front paws, as if to break through the snow or ice, to get to their prey.

They also took the role of babysitters, left behind to look after the young children, and are well known for their love of children. One of their roles was to be used as hot water bottles, everyone in the igloo would take a Malamute to keep them warm overnight. A job they will do without complaint, loving to cuddle up with their family.


There are pastimes todays owners can enjoy with their Alaskan Malamutes to help give their dog a healthy and happy life, such as rallying, hiking, backpacking, or long walks in the hills and forests. They can be walked in harness using a walking belt, leaving both hands free and helping you up the hills.

Alaskan Malamutes love to spend days out walking with thier family pack, and is something anyone can do.


We are the only  Alaskan Malamute kennels in the UK to have trained a K.C. Border Collie - REBEL -to the level of working in ' C only ' in Competitive Obedience.

To achieve this he won 1 x Pre Beg - 5 x Beginners - 5 x Novice - 3 x 'A' - 3 x 'B' and was placed in ' C '.

REBEL also took part in Agility and Flyball competitions, and could bring in a field of sheep and help to get them into a barn or trailer.


We are also the only  Alaskan Malamute kennel in the UK that compete with our pure bred I.S.D.S. Sheepdogs at Sheepdog Trials,  work them around the farm, and train Sheepdogs for farmers and Sheepdog handlers. 

Terry has competed for over 15 years at Sheepdog Trials with his I.S.D.S. Sheepdogs,  and qualified them for the County Sheepdog Team for 8 years running.


I.S.D.S. Sheepdogs

Brains and Beauty 

As the I.S.D.S. logo says


Terry is a life member of I.S.D.S. has judged Sheepdog Trials, and given demonstrations with his Sheepdogs, they have also been filmed for viewing on TV.


Our pure bred I.S.D.S. Sheepdogs have qualified for  the County Team for the 8 years. Over the years we have had 2 generations in the County Team, including Taffy , a daughter from her 1st. litter,  and 4 dogs from her 2nd. litter. We are now training up  ' Rock ' - Taffs Grandson - the 3rd generation.





We, along with Sheepdog handlers around the world, Sheepdog Trialists, and farmers that use sheepdogs, belive in breeding to promote the true working instincts of the Sheepdog, and not ruining hundreds of years of breeding the working instinct into sheepdogs by  Crossbreeding and Dual registering  I.S.D.S. Border Collies and K.C. Border Collies.


As members of AMCUK, AMWA, and ISDS and being on the AMCUK breeders list,  breeding is done following the breeders code of ethics, lifetime support, welfare of dogs, health checks,  etc.


If you have enjoyed your visit  to our site or our home,  please feel free to sign our Guestbook


The picture at the top of the page is of CHIEF at 18 months.

2nd place at Crufts 2005 - 2nd place at Crufts 2006 - 3rd place at Crufts 2007 - Qualified for Crufts 2008 - Qualified for Crufts 2009 - ' Best Puppy in Breed ' at  W.K.C.Championship Show. Which is an amazing accomplishment considering Chief only does 2 or 3 shows a year   One of those shows being Crufts

As well as Chief's many achievements, he also has many National Champions and International Champions in his pedigree. He is the G.Grandson of American Champion, World Champion & International Champion Royal Star, and his relation, International Champion New Royal Star ( Royal Star's son ) is the Alaskan Malamute that won Best Of Breed and Best Of Group at Crufts this year. No UK Malamute has ever achieved International Champion.










































































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