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Our Farmhouse Taken from a friends plane

Farmhouse & yard gate - summer

Farmhouse and yard gate - winter

Looking down the track from the Farmyard

Our track and Farmhouse from our gate


Junos first harness

Kali - Chief - Juno - Timba in the yard

Mum , Daughter & Dad on the farm

Terry, Chief & Kali on the start line

Terry & Astro in Italy, at 5000 ft.

Terry & Celtic Cap at a Trial

Celtic Bonny-Celtic Rock & Celtic Harley

About Us

We live on our farm in the heart of the beautiful Carmarthenshire countryside in South West Wales with our Alaskan Malamutes and Sheepdogs, and are surrounded by miles of countryside and forest.


Terry has been training dogs for most of his life.

He has bred, reared, trained & competed with his own dogs in hundreds of competitions.

Competing with his dogs in Sheepdog Trials, Competitive Obedience, Agility, Working sled dog Rallies, and Championship Breed Shows.


Terry  had his KC Border Collie, competing at the top level of Compeitive Obedience. ' C only ' .

He's had 6 of his Border Collies from diferent generations ( Pure bred ISDS Sheepdogs ) in the County Sheepdog team ( Top 10 dogs in the County ) on 7 different years. Sometimes with 2 or 3 dogs in the team, in one year.

Terry had 3 of his young Sheepdogs in the County Team  for the South Wales Novice final. ( 3 out of the top 6 dogs in the County )

He has been training Alaskan Malamutes for Showing, Working and Obedience for nearly 10 years, and has qualified his own Alaskan Malamutes for Crufts, for 6 years running.

He has also worked his home bred Malamute team in the forests, for over 6 years, and competed in Rallies for the past 4 years.


He now gives dog training lessons, from Ringcraft, Harness training, Basic obedience, Puppy obedience and Competitive Obedience, to  Gundog and Sheepdog training.


Local vets and pet shops recommend Terry to people, and they send people to him for help with training and behaviour problems. Over the last 10 years he has also taken in and helped many dogs that needed rehabilitating and rehoming.


Terry is an Obedience instructor at a dog club. He has also instructed club instructors, who wanted to get their dogs out of Beginners and Novice, and go on to compete in the higher levels of Competitive Obedience. He takes dogs in for training and gives one to one lessons. Terry helps with all types of training, from basic obedience to sheepdog handling. Local farmers and Sheepdog Trialists send their sheepdogs to him for training. It is them that gave him the name ' Tel the dog '

Terry has given talks and demonstations with his dogs at Country Fairs, Local Smallholders events and at Sheepdog Trials, He has judged various dog competitions, including Sheepdog Trials, and has had his Sheepdogs on TV.


Terry has bred, reared,  trained and competed with his Sheepdogs and Alaskan Malamutes, and has hundreds of rosettes and trophies from years of competitions, going over two decades. 

He has worked his dogs in many hundreds of competitions, including Championship Breed Shows, Working Sled dog Rallies, Agility, the top level of Competitive Obedience ( 'C only'  ),  and Sheepdog Trials. 

He has had his Sheepdogs qualified for the County Team ( Top 10 dogs in the County ) for the past 7 years. Sometimes having 2 or 3 dogs in the Team in one year.


Terry has had 3 of his Alaskan Malamutes Qualified for, and 'Placed' at Crufts. He had 2 of his Alaskan Malamutes qualified for Crufts 2008. One of them wss Celticwolf Summer Solctice - JUNO - an Alaskan Malamute that we bred ourselves, the other one was CHIEF, JUNO'S Dad.


Terry has 2 qualifiers with Chief for crufts 2009.

With Chief gaining a 1st place at The Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show & a 2nd place at the AMCUK Championship Show.


Five of our Alaskan Malamutes, CHIEF, KALI, JUNO, NIKA & TUG, have also competed in the 2 day Sled dog Rally at nearby Pembrey Forest. 

Pembrey is a rally open to any sled dog team in the UK, and CHIEF & KALI have been placed top Malamute team there, for two years running.


We have a permit and key to enter Pembrey Forest and train on the council designated Sleddog Training Trails. If you would like to come and watch or join in with the training, let us know.


Our Border Collies are purebred I.S.D.S Sheepdogs.


They help us around the farm and compete in Sheepdog Trials.




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