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How happy are we :-)

7 dog team. Chief Kali & 5 of their pups

The Celticwolf Pack

Family effort - Mum, Dad and 5 kids

Chief - Nika - Kali - Luna - Tico - Juno

Ready for a walk

Kali Juno Tico Nika & Chief on a walk

Kali Chief Nika Tico Juno

Chief - Timba - Juno

Timba, Juno & Chief

Kali, Chief, Juno & Timba

Cheif Nika & Kali in the snow

Cheif Nika & Kali in the forest

Cheif, Kali & Terry at Pembrey 2008


Chief in the forest : Photo by Paul


Juno seeing her first snowfall

Junos first harness

JUNO at 1 year old

Nika as a pup

Kali & Nika - Mum & daughter

Chief at 18 months old

Chief at 3 years old

Mum, Daughter & Dad

Cheif, Kali & Timba

Terry working with Chief & Kali 2005

The Sheepdogs

The Celtmobile

The Malamutes

Our Malamutes are part of the family pack.

They are all trained with basic obedience,

' Sit ' - ' Down '  - ' Stand ' , to voice and hand signal ,

walking on the lead without pulling , pulling when in harness,

and recalls.

They are also trained for the Show ring and to work together in harness.

They have all competed in either the Show ring or at Ralies, and Chief and his daughter have competed in both. CHIEF and his daughter JUNO have both been placed in the top 3 of their class at Crufts, and have competed together as a 2 dog team in a Night Rally.


Sometimes we take a rig and a dog each, and take them for a nice steady jog for  3 or 4 miles around forest trails. Working in harness at a steady pace over a few miles, is what the Alaskan Malamutes is all about.

CHIEF and KALI have competed, as a team, in the Pembrey 2 day Rally for the past two years. 3 to 4 miles each day.

They have been placed top 2 dog Malamute team.


KALI is our best worker and our lead dog. KALI would pull you around all day and has to be told when she has done enough work, or she'll just go on and on.  She is also Obedience trained and will do off lead heelwork and retrieves from a distance of 100 feet or more. She loves everyone in the world and thinks that everyone has come to visit her. She has always got a song to sing for visitors


CHIEF, TIMBA & JUNO have all been to Crufts.


CHIEF qualified for Crufts 2005 at 9 months old.

He was placed ' Best Puppy in Breed ' at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show. Where he was also placed 1st. in Puppy class and 1st. in Junior on the same day.

CHIEF has now qualified for Crufts for 5 years running, with multiple qualifiers each year. 

He was placed ;

2nd in class at Crufts 2005

2nd in class at Crufts 2006

3rd in class at Crufts 2007

Qualified & Shown at Crufts 2008

2 qualifiers for Crufts 2009,

with 1st place at WKA and a 2nd place at AMCUK. The only 2 shows he did in 2008

3rd place at Crufts 2009

Qualified for Crufts 2010


TIMBA qualified for Crufts at her first show and was placed 4th, in her class at Crufts 2005.

She also qualified for Crufts 2006, but we didn't take her because she was rearing our next little star, JUNO.

Timba is friendly to all animals and all people big or small, she runs off the lead with our Sheepdogs, and can even walk off lead in a field with sheep in.


Sadly Timba has passed away, and is missed by us all.


JUNO - Celticwolf Summer Solstice is the daughter of CHIEF & TIMBA

JUNO qualified for Crufts at her first Crufts qualifying Championship Show at the age of just 8 months.

She was placed 3rd. in class her first time at Crufts, at the age of 16 months.

JUNO is also qualified for Crufts 2008


NIKA, 10 months old, is the new member of the pack. She is a puppy of Chief and Kali and was taken back by us at the age of 6 months, as her new owners were not able to keep her.

Since then she has worked  with her Mum in a 2 dog team, with her Dad in a 2 dog team, with Mum, Dad, and Juno in a 4 dog team, & with 4 of her litter mates and Mum & Dad in a 7 dog team.

She runs around the fields ' off lead ' everyday, with her Mum & Dad, and will come running back when called.

She has learnt the ' SIT ' , ' DOWN ' & ' STAND ' hand signals.

NIKA attends the Ringcraft / Obedience club, and demonstrates the hand signals to the pupils in the Obedience classes.

Nika is now 2 years old, and has had a 4th place at a Championship show. I place off qualifying for Crufts.

Nika has been running in the 2 day Rally at Pembrey Forest, for the past 2 years.

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