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Celticwolf Sticker

Celticwolf Rising Star

Chief & Lynne Davies - 2012

Terry and Lynne - Dogs Day Out

Terry Tico & Luna - Pembrey 2012

Josh and Nyah - Celticwolf Long Night

Light exercise

Happy after the run

Chinuk Luna Bini Tico Nika

Jak Shadow

Nika - Chinuk - Bini - Tico - Luna

View from the farm track

Not much snow out there

Chief on track patrol - From Sams phone

Full moon rising over the forest

Juno and her pups

Timba. First dog I took to Crufts

Basic Stand training - 10 offlead dogs

Just chilling together ;-)


My Sheepdogs basic training by the house

Kirstin with some of the pack

Celticwolf young guns

Our pitch at Its A Dogs Day Out

Bryan & Tank KC GOLD Good Citizen award

Thank Andy & Carol for Chiefs new hat

Happy dogs - Happy team

Celticwolf family at Pembrey

Caroline and Maska

Luna - Best in Show

Tico - 2nd place

Celticwolf family gathering

The sorcerers apprentice

Luna 4th WKC Champ Show

Tico 4th at WKC Champ Show

Hugo Show training with a collar

Nika on the farm with her Mum & Dad

Tico and Nika. Mates

Nika in the team

Juno, Bini, Tico, Luna & Tel

Tel & Sheepdogs. Iolo following behind

Time out with Chief & Kali

Alfees first Championship Show

Terry & Tico - 4th place

Erin & Chello - 4th place

Bini and Luna. Mates

Bella and Jack from Switzerland

Terry with Luna - 5 place

Binis first show. Taken in her stride

Binis brother Alfee with Hellen

There he goes . .

. . still going . .

. . who knows where hes going :-)

The Celticwolf family working together

Goodbye puppies. Good luck out there.

Tico keeps the pack together

Tico herds his pack like a sheepdog

Tico checking on his pups

There they go

Here they come

Strider Eowyn & Gaz - Aveimore 2010

Eowyn and Gaz

Jo and Alfee in training

Olly working with 1 year old Chewy

First trip to the garden at 4 weeks old

Grub up

3 weeks old & 3 times the size

Seal pup at 2 weeks old. Eyes just open

Erin and Chello at WELKS

Eyes start to open for the first time

1 week old

Nika with her 2 day old pups

A little yawn then back to sleep

Olly & Siku Cani-X

Luna. All prepared for her first Show

Bini Tico Luna & Nika with the Sheepdogs

Kirsty and Luna

Luna, Bini, Kas & Missy

Tico, Alfee, Juno & Bini

Paul, Bini, Juno, Tico, Alfee, Jo

Olly & Siku - Cani-X team

Bini Missy & Kas

Tico & Nika

Tico Nika Bini & Luna

Nika & Tico

Out on the farm with the Sheepdogs

Missy Sheepdogs & Kas offlead in a field

Luna in the brown countryside

Luna doing her Stand

Bambini with her Dad and family

12 puppies on patrol

Puppies in the snow

Chief at Crufts 2010

Good luck Wookie

Terry & Chief at Crufts 2010

The Celticwolf pack in the forest

The Chief. Happy back with his pack

Chief & Terry - 6th year at Crufts

Chello & Erin - 1st year at Crufts

Erin & Chello on the famous Green Carpet

Hello judge

Chief - Ready for his 6th time at Crufts

Olly & Siku on the Start Line

Olly and Siku over the Finish line

Rob Erin Chello - Celticwolf Young Guns

Bella & Jack - Have a good trip

Bella, Jack and Rachael

Nika Tico and Zico

Nika Tuggy Tico

Team Celticwolf 2010

Nika, Tuggy & Tico resting after work

Ready to go home. Come on Dad

50 Thousand visitors

The Tug & La Tico in training

Olly & Siku - 1st place Cani-x team

Kenai - Celticwolf Fire Dragon

Nika and Luna having fun in the snow

Alfee with his new pack. Tikaa and Meg

Alfee with his new pal Tikaa

Snow drift across the yard gate

Chief Nika and Luna before the blizzard

Compact snow under the Landy

Cheif Luna & Nika, belly deep in snow

" Behiiiiiiind youuuu "

My Igloo

Proud new Daddy

Whats this ?

Olly & Siku flying on the home striaght

Tico with the Sheepdogs

Nika,Chief, Luna & Kali

Keep up kids

Juno and pups - Christmas eve

Olly and Siku - Cani-X stars :-)

Chief and Tuggy

Welcome to the world Celticwolf puppies

There is a Juno under the puppies

Puppy recall - coming when called

Cheif Nika & Kali leave the start shoot

Luna & Tico greeting the Sheepdogs

Erin and Chello do a fly-by

Tel and the Mals at Pembrey Rally

Cheif Kali Luna Tico

Luna with her tree

One of Juno & Ticos girls

One of the boys

An after dinner snooze

Olly & Siku enjoying their run together

Kaskae stands with the Sheepdogs

Tico & Luna with the Sheeodogs

Cheif Nika & Kali working on the farm

A mini Tico 2 weeks old

A mini Chief 2 weeks old

One of the female pups

2 day old pups at the food bar

12 pups snuggle up to Mum

Juno & her 14 hour old puppies

Siku and the Sheepdogs

Siku & Chewy with the Sheepdogs

Chewy watching Siku chasing Luna

Remembering Timba Sending hugs. Miss you

Tank - Celticwolf Mountaineer

Junos pups first feed outside

Happy Birthday from Granddad - The Chief


The Tug with her old friends

Siku - Celticwolf Mynydd Siku

Ziggy - From AMCUK Rescue

Siku & Chewy

Click to enlarge pictures

Tel & the pack

Luna is getting her adult coat

Luna practising her Stand

Tank as a puppy

Chello - Early training

Kirsty and Tug

Erin & Chello at AMCUK Champ Show

Chello Erin & Rob by the Standing Stone

Erin Chello & Granddad Chief

Karleigh & Kenai at AMCUK

Brenna - Celticwolf Healing Touch

Tico with the new toy


Kali & Luna

Chello with her 1st 2nd & 3rd rosettes

Sam working with Atka and Kenai

Bryan Tank Trudy. Hard work Bryan ? ;-)

Loki & friend

Yumas new pack

Belle, with her new family

Paco & Karen

Yuma with his ball


Chello after a wash and blow dry

Hello Mum x

Luna practising her Sheppdog walk

Luna out with the Sheepdogs

The Celticwolf pack walking together

The pack rests together

Tel & Tico. Thanks to Icebay for the pic

Tico - The happy boy

Yuma with his ball

Mum & Dad 2 year old Nika & 2 month Luna

Lay down Luna

Line out Luna

The Lone Luna

Stand stay - In the team

Stand Stay - Off lead

Hanging out with the pack

Happy family

Spot the puppy

Kev & kids with the Sheepdogs

Erin & Chello & their 1st place rosette

Kev & kids with Juno & Tico

Chello with her rosettes

Erin & Chello - 1st Champ Show

What are they Dad ?

Woo woo woo

Wel done from Peter Jo & Archie


Belle Celticwolf Southern Belle

Yuma - Celticwolf Son Of Chief

Nearly through the fence

Cheif & Kali with their last litter

Niko - Celticwolf Loving Life

Paco in his new home

C & Ks last litter working together

Loki with his new litter mate

Olly & Deb& Bear

Kali - Celtic warrior

Kenai - Celticwolf Fire dragon

Sian, Blake & Loki

James & Niko

Excelent Show stand - Good boy

Sam and Yuma

Kenai on show

Geo, Chello & Keiko

Kev, Mel & Belle

Keiko Chief Juno Geo & Chello

karen and Paco

The mini mal team

Kali gets back with her pack

The Sheepdogs

Alpha female - Kali

Kenais first show

Chellos & Erins first Show

The three o s

Chief & Kali with their pups

Keiko, Tico & Juno. o o o

The family on the go

Aaron, Juno, Julie & Geo

Olly, Siku, Chief & Debbie

Oi you at the back, COME ON !

Olly with Chief & Siku. Dad & daughter


The pups have come a long way in 6 weeks

Bigger and stronger now, and sleep less

The Celtmobil

Chief & Kalis last litter

The family pack heads off down the track

The family in the garden

A long trek for little legs

Juno, & Tico with the Sheepdogs

Take time to explore the big wide world

Kas - Dan - Kali - Chief

Moving as a pack

Just waiting for the Dogfather

Dan & Kas with Juno, Tico, Kali & Nika

Hello Dad

Kas with the Sheepdogs - all off lead

The pack is ready for a walk together

Juno at 5 months old

Juno in the snow

Timba is back with the pack

Cheif meets his pups - Daddys girl

Ahh Tico

Sending Timba a hug X X

Ahh Tico Ciao - Buongiorno

Timba with Juno

X Happy Mothers day X

Timba, Juno & Chief

Timba with Tika and Meg

Timba is back with her friends

Timba with her friends Tik & Molly

Timba with her cat

Karleigh & Kenai at Blackpool

Timba & Juno as a pup

Hey Tico, capisce ?

Erin & Chello at their 1st show

1 year old Tico

Celticwolf Warrior Queen - Chello

Chief at 2 years old

Mum feeds her pups in the garden

Terry and Giuseppe at Crufts

Kali spends time with her pups

Chief prepares in the Travel lodge

Ill just chew your ear for you

Judge looks at Chief - Chief looks back

Going round on the famous Green Carpet

Chief - a natural beauty

Thats my boy. Well done big fella

Chief qualifies for his 6th Crufts

The Chief at home in the forest

Chief practicing for Crufts

Karleigh & Celticwolf Kayuh Atka

Puppy Kenai & Auntie Atka

Geo & Chello meet Archie the Ridgback

Erin & Chello with the Akita & Weimarana

Chief gets another rosette

Olly & Siku

Happy Family 11 Mal pack

The new 4 dog team

Chief & Kali with their older pups

Grub up - Go for it guys

Family gathering

Mmm that was good. A little nap now

Celticwolf pups

Boy pup 2 weeks old

Hello Granddad

His brother :-)

Kali, Chief & Nika

Sleeping puppies

Tug training on her own

Kenai & Atka in the snow

Sister and brother snuggle up


Looking across the yard

A lovely Stand . Well done

Rock bringing the sheep from the forest

The line up

Chief, Kali & Nika at home in the snow

Lets snuggle up

Tug does her thing

Sleeping in line after feeding

Waiting to leave the yard

Kali stays close to her pups

3 day old pups

Taking a break - looking proud

Chello posing in the snow

Kenai - Res Best Puppy in Show

Typical of Timba :-)

Kenai & Atka

Proud Mum

Kali had a long day

Looking out the back door into the yard

Chello with the Collies

Chello in her show Stand

Kali snuggles up with her puppies

Geo Kenai Chello Juno Timba Atka Chief

Timba & Tika chill together

Tika, Timba & Meg

Sheepdogs Stand by Kali :-)

Chief, Nika & Kali - Ready to go

The Mals stand by Kali

Having drinks after work

The Hiefers stand by Kali

Akira - Celticwolf Walks In Snow

Timba - Celtic Timbawolf of Celticwolf

The sheep stand by Kali

Timba, Juno & Chief. Mum, daughter & Dad

Fly - the Sheep dog pup - happy girl

Bibby - The Norwegian Buhund

Granddad Chief @ 2 months - 5 x @ Crufts

Mum - Junos 2nd time at Crufts

Mel & Kids with Tug, Chief, Kali & Nika

Dex with his frisby

Dexter - Celticwolf Northern Lights

Dan with Kas & Tug working in step

Alex working Tali and Kaskae

Viki with Tali and Kaskae

The frosty yard

Juno sniffs where her pups have been

Kenai in his Show Stand

Thats my new friend

Kenai & Atka


Celticwolf Healing Touch

Chello - Celticwolf Warrior Queen

Chello looking cosy

My bit of Mums blanket

Keiko - Celticwolf Runs Like Wind

Juno says Good luck Puppies

Celticwolf Healing Touch iz in d house

From Mum, Granma & Grumps :-)

Cheif, Kali and family

Celticwolf Pack

SKADI-Celticwolf Winter Solstice

SKADI - always happy

Juno heads out with the pups

Nearly at the gate

Chief circles & keeps the pups together

Granddad maks sure they keep up with Mum

Mum leads them home, all covered in mud

Kali - Kas & Nika - Dan on the Rig

Granddad keeps an eye on the pups

Enjoying the early morning sunshine

Granddad stands by at feeding time

Juno, pups & Granddad in the yard

Hello Granddad

How close can we get

Proud mum. Pic form Olly & Deb

You make a nice pillow Mum

Juno spends time with a single pup

1st meal outside

Mum helps the pups clean the bowl

Juno takes her pups for a stroll

Happy with her puppies

Juno with her Mum

Juno with one of her pups

Chief & Tug in training

The Chief & the Tug

Well done Chief

Good girl Kali

2 week old pup just waking up

Feeding time

Keeping each other warm while they sleep

Aaand sleep . . .

Chief & Tug in training

Chief & Kali with Nikas litter

Juno with her mum Timba, 2 years ago

4 day old pups

Zzzzz snuffle Zzzzz

2 day old sleddog team lining up

A sleepy puppy

Tuggy, Tico, Nika & Terry - Pembrey 2010

All snuggled up with Mum

Mum & pup snuggle up

Chief & Tug getting the post

Juno - Mum to be

Chief at the World Sheepdog Trials

Lets play lets play

Mum, Juno & Dad

Chief gets another Crufts qualification


The Chief at Crufts

Juno at Crufts 2008

Kali - looking sweet as ever

From this . .

. . to this. In 1 year

Harness, Rig & Teamwork training

Celticwolf family

Thats my pup - " Give us a cuddle "

Italy 2008

" Are you ready at the back "

Happy faces all round


Celticwolf Car sticker

Send SAE for a sticker


18 / 2 / 13


All pups have gone to their new homes



4 / 12 / 12


Pups have been born


24 / 8 / 12


Celticwolf Rising Star, aka Luna, qualified for Crufts 2013, at the Welsh Kennel Club Championship show.


15 / 8 / 12


Celticwolf Alalskan Malamutes website reached 100, 000 hits, Thank you for your visit, come back soon


4 / 8 / 12


Our site reached 99,500 hits today.


Thank you all for your visit  



30 / 7 / 12


Congratulations to Josh and Nyah - Celticwolf Long Night - for qualifying for Crufts 2012 and 2013


Well done guys, keep up the good work. The Celticwolf Pack are proud of you



24 /  2 / 12


Tico and Luna took part in a rally a couple of weeks ago.


Filming has started on the promo for a documentary on Terry's way of training dogs.


6 dogs have been rehabilitated by Terry already this year.



20 / 1/ 12


Back online at last  after a long delay due to internet connection problems !


1 female pup available.

Pup has a home now 21/2/12


Please call 01559 371696 to arrange a visit, and to view the pup and parents, and Granddad.


9 / 1 / 11


The website has reached




Worldwide hits.


Thank you all for your visit, we hope you continue to enjoy our website



2 / 1 / 11


Happy Woo Year everyone.


Had a little run with the young dogs in the forest on New Years Eve.


It was Bini's first time running in the forest with the other dogs, so we just did a little 5 mile circuit.


Just enough to give her a taste of it


28 / 12 10


Thank you to everyone for all the Christmas cards, pictures, and updates on your Celticwolf pups


Hope you all had a good Chrismas


The weather has warmed up and  the snow has melted away. We have had snow on the ground up here on the farm, for over 4 weeks.


I can walk about the place now,  without worrying about slipping on ice all the time.


I even managed to walk the dogs down the track today, for the first time in weeks.


The Young Mals have been enjoying the snow, and I took the advantage to get them working in harness together around the farm.


While the Mals have been enjoying the cold weather and all the snow, one of our visitors has been more inclined to come into the house and lay by the fire


20 / 12 / 10


The snow and ice cleared for one day, then even more than before returned to cover the farm again.


The dogs are loving it, but it is a bit more work for me.

The sheep need feeding everyday, and water needs to be carried from the house to the dogs, as the water in the kennels has frozen.



7 / 12 / 10


Pen, one of my Sheepdogs, left the farm and crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday.


Going to miss her


30 / 11 / 10


Its been between -5 at night ,and -2 1/2 during the day, for the past 5 days. It did warm up to -2, for a while today. 


I managed to keep the water running in the house by leaving a tap dripping all week, but the water is frozen outside. I'm having to carry water from the house for the dogs.


Looking out the gate, and down the hill, the snow has nealy gone.


27 / 11 / 10


Minus 5 outside tonight. With the clear sky, I don't think its going to warm up much anythime soon.


All the snow we had the other day, has now turned to ice. The yard and track, where we walk the dogs, is covered in a couple of inches of ice, so walking about in wellies is a bit tricky.


Good to have the wood burner going in the house.


22 / 11 / 10


Winter has arrived and there is a nip in the air.

There is a heavy frost at night, and water is forming on the edge of standing water pools.


The stars are twinkling  in the clear sky, and there is a full moon is rising from the forest and making its way across the farm.

I lit the log burner last night, for the first time this year, which always makes it nice and cosy in the farmhouse.


14 / 11 / 10


Juno and Tico

Mum and Dad wish a


Happy 1st Birthday


to Bini and all her brothers and sisiters


8 / 11 / 10


I have 3 dogs entered into a show in a few weeks, so will be busy trying to keep them clean, and doing some socialising and training with them.


I have started to teach obedience at a dog club again.


There's two classes. Puppy class and intermediate.


I started 2 weeks ago, and so far have been growled at by various German Shepherds and Akita's. and barked at in a treatening manner by a German Sheherd


Why do I do it ?  To get the chance to socialise my dogs.


5 / 11 / 10


Rememer remember its the 5th of November.

Some advice for you to help your dogs this weekend.


Turn up the sound on the telly or stereo to drown out the noise of the fireworks.

Act like nothing is happening, stay cool, calm and relaxed, let your dog see its nothing to worry about.

They will learn from your behaviour


4 / 11 /10


Well done Tank


Celticwolf Mountaineer.


From Bryan and Trudy . .


" Big thanks to those that voted for Tank in the calendar competition.

He won his page and got the December slot, but also had most votes overall, so got the front cover."


26 /10 / 10


Now that I am on the farm on my own for a few days, I have my hands full with dogs coming for behaviour and basic training

How did I manage that ?


I'll have to try to work a way around that, and get help here when I am actauly busy, instead of when there is nothing to do


23 / 10 / 10


Some help has arrived on the farm at last, and taken on the job of  The sorcerers apprentice.


Kirstin has learnt a lot in her first week, and has been a great help about the place.

Helping me around the kennels and with exercising the dogs.


Thanks Kirstin


16 / 10 / 10


Luna has been learning how to pull in a harness.

I started to get her used to her first harness about 2 weeks ago, and have worked up to training her with a tyre.


Yesterday we introduced the rig.


Sam has been working and training with the dogs for a few months, but it was also her first go on the rig.


1 / 10 / 10


Celticwolf Alaskan Malamutes

had a great day at the

' It's A Dogs Day Out ' event.


We represented the breed at the event to promote responsible breeding, and to educate the public on how to avoid Puppy Farms ( Puppy Mills USA )

The event also helped to raise money for breed rescue efforts.


23 / 9 / 10


Huge congratulations to Bryan and Tank


Celticwolf Mountaineer


For achieving their Kennel Club GOLD Good Citizen Award


Well done to you both for all your hard work and training.

Th pack is prowoOoud of you


14 / 9 / 10

Last reminder


Celticwolf Alaskan Malamutes

will be at

It's a dogs day out


event on Sunday 19th September

See link on links page for details


8 / 9 / 10 :-)


Well done to Olly, Siku and Chewy, for their 2nd place in their first Cani-x race of the season, at Pembrey last weekend.


It was Chewys first time out in a real race against other teams, and Olly's first race with a 2 dog team.


Very well done to the whole team, keep up the good work


Hope to see you all the family gathering /

' IT'S A DOGS DAY OUT '  event, at Pembrey on the 19th September.


4th September 2010


Family gathering Sunday 19th September.

Celticwolf will be representing Alaskan Malamutes at the  ' Its A Dogs Day Out '

event in Pembrey Country Park


Its a big event run by Burns dog food. The event is to promote responsible ownership and breeding, and to bring awarness to the Rescue dogs that are caused by irresponsible breeders and owners.


1st September 2010


Caroline bought Maska up to see his family and do some training last Thursday.

Maska had done well at his local show, winning two 3rd's , two 2nds , and a 1st place.

He also got his picture in the local paper for helping to raise £400 for a local charity with a sponsored dog walk.

Well done to Maska and his family.


Nika was back at the vets on Friday, for a check up on her progress, and to have her stiches out.

She is coming on well and starting to put weight on again.

Nika has been slowly reintroduced back into the pack, after a long break to have her pups, and then to get over this operation.


The weekend was taken up by behaviour training with Zeus the male Malamute. His main problems were pulling on the lead all the time, no recall, and dog aggression.

Zeus responded well to his two days of training. He learnt to walk nicely to heal with me, stopping when I stopped, and laying down as soon as he was asked to. All while I ran 4 offlead Sheepdogs around him in the middle a field. Then he walked back to the farm with me and the 4 Sheepdogs walking as a pack. Well done Zeus.


We had a little Celticwolf family gathering on Back holiday Monday.

Maska and Ni'ko bought their new families along to a local Country Show and Dog Show, to watch the big Celticwolf dogs in the ring.


Sam took all the dogs into the ring. It was her first time in the ring and first go at Showing dogs.

Sam did the dogs proud and did a really good job with them.

The dogs came home with a 1st place for Luna & Best in Show. 2nd place for Tico. 2nd place for Bini. & 2nd place for Juno

Well done dogs, and well done Sam.


Tuesday bought a new challange to me. A Mastiff with prey drive issues, doing what he likes on a lead, and no human communication. The RSPCA and a police dog handler had both tried fixing this dog, and had failed miserably. The Police dog handler tried wrestling him to the ground . . but lost.

Marshall the Mastiff responded to my training instantly.

It took me at least 3 minutes to get his undivided attention, have him lay down to the slightest pull on the lead, and have him walking to heal on a loose lead. All without a word spoken.

No problem . . . next 


26th August 2010


A big thank you to Kirsty ( The Tugs Mum ) for her help and support at the WKC Championship Show last weekend.

It was a big help having someone help to get 3 dogs and their gear from the van to the benches, moving from the benches to the ring and back, and then getting them all back to the van.


Thanks to Hellen who helped with the dog prep on Luna while I was in the ring with Bini.


25th August 2010


There is a Country Show with a companion Dog Show on 30th August -Bank Holiday Monday - in Cynwel Elfed ( 6 miles North of Carmarthen )


I will be there supporting the local farming community and giving my dogs some ring practice.

Its a good place to try running yourself and your dog in the ring, and do some socialising.


23rd August 2010


Nika is back from the vet and having special treatment at home to help her recover.


Tico and Luna got a 4th place at the WKC Championship Show. Erin and Chello got a 5th. There were 6 Celticwolf dogs at the show.


Swiss Jack and Bella have gone back to their Mum & Dad, who have moved to Wales.


Hugo is going home today after his rehabilitaion and training.


18th August 2010


Nika has had an operation to remove a blockage from her intestine.


She needs to be on a drip and antibiotics for the next few days, to make sure she doesn't get an infection from the operation.


If all goes well, Nika will be reunited with her pack early next week.


17th August 2010


Poor ol Nika is not at all well, and is staying at the vets and on a drip.


She hasn't eaten or drunk anything for 5 days now, and has been bringing up any fluids or food I tried to give her.


I gave her fluids and penicillin at home for 4 days but she didn't respond.


She had blood tests at the vet yesterday and we're waiting for the results to come back.


Today she is having x-rays to see if we can find any blockages.


When we know what is stopping her eating and drinking, and making her feel ill, we can do something about it.


Fingers crossed. I can only wait now, and hope she has enough strength left after having the pups, to pull through.



14th August 2010


Another busy week up here on the farm, just for a change. 


I had 3 visitors from London staying on the farm for a week, and 4 visiting dogs ( 3 in for training )


Jack and Bella have been here for 4 weeks and have settled in to the way things happen here.


Jack isn't trying to chew on my fingers so much, everytime I have to get him in and out of the kennel. 

Which is about 6 times a day, so thats a bit of a relief.


Iolo ( thats a Welsh name ) the Collie / Spaniel cross has come to stay for the week.

He is a bit of a loner, as in won't do as he's told and is quite happy to just do his own thing.


Iolo always walks on his own, because he'd rather do that than listen to me.


2 lots of visitors coming over the weekend and 8 coming through next week.


I have 3 young dogs to get ready for a show next weekend. Cleaning , grooming, foot trimming etc.

And maybe . . if I am very lucky between visitors and showers . . I may even get a minute to actually train one of my dogs before the show.



8th August 2010


Well done to Maska for all his 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places at his very first show.


Its a shame his first experience of a show was to be attacked by another dog.


Thats just the sort of thing that can turn a pup aggressive, and put them off showing for life

Just as well he started out with a good temperament and was well socialised !




5th August 2010


Its been busy up here on the farm as usaul.


Tico, Luna and Bini did well at the Championship Show. Tico got a 4th place ( 1place off qualifying for Crufts ) Luna got a 5th place. Bini didn't get placed but it was her very first show. Bini did very well. It was her first time off the farm and at a place like that, with all the sounds and all the people and dogs. She took it all in her stride and did what she was meant to do in the ring. I was very proud of her, and the way she handled the whole new experience.

Bini's brother Alfee was also at the show, and was handled by our frien Helen.


Erin and Rob had Chello at the same show, and Chello got a 4th place. Well done.


Kisa, one of Bini's sisters has been staying here for the past 2 weeks, to do some training. She learnt how to ' Sit ' ' Down ' and ' Stand '  on the first voice command, and learnt the same 3 commands to hand signals.

Kisa also learnt how to keep her attention on the person walking her, while other dogs were running around.


Jack and Bella have come over from Switzerland to stay for a few weeks, and to do some training while they are here.


Hugo ( one of the pups from the last litter ) has come back to stay for a few weeks, and to do some training.


Two ladies from Sweden have been up to do some Sheepdog training.


Erin Rob & Chello have been to another Championship Show, and got another 4th place. So close. Well done again to them. Keep up the good work.


Iain and Leanne bought Kira ( Bini's sister ) all the way from Scotland, to see her family and do some training.


Terry has also had to fit in the 2 to 3 Malamutes and Huskies that come to see him every week, for help with behaviour and aggression issues.


20th July 2010


It was a busy week last week, with pups going off to new homes, sorting out their paperwork, dogs coming in for aggression / dominance training, getting supplies in, and getting 3 Malamutes ready for the show.

Then it started raining so it was extra work trying to keep them clean. It meant having to give the 3 of them a blast every time they went out.


Hectic day on Friday making sure all the kennels and dogs were ready for me to leave for the day. Had to give some extra exercise to all the dogs that were staying so they weren't restless while I was away, and give the 3 dogs that were going to the show a final clean up and blast to get them ready to show. I had to do a bit of training with the dogs that were showing, to remind them what to do. Then get everything in the van ready for the trip.


Bed at 12.30 up again at 3.30 to set off on the four hour trip, having to stop twice on the way to pick up People, pups and handlers.


Long and hot day at the show. In the ring 3 times with my dogs, and supporting 3 of the pups being shown by their 2 owners and 1 handler.

Then the return 4 hour trip dropping everyone off on the way back.

Finaly back to the farm  at 7pm. Just in time to walk and feed the dogs.


There were 6 Celticwolf Alaskan Malamutes at the show - 3 of them were placed - Tico, Luna and Chello


So a nice relaxing day on Sunday . . No !


Up early to walk all the dogs, clean out the kennels, and be ready for someone who was coming at 12 o'clock to pick up a pup and do all the paperwork etc.


After the pup had gone off to his new home I had to rush out to walk and feed all the dogs again, so I could drive into Carmarthen and back to drop off the person that had stayed with the dogs for me while I was away.


Then back to the farm to meet the people that were dropping off the pup that is staying here while they are on holiday.


Just settled her into her kannel and saw off the owners in time for the 2 dogs that arrived from Switzerland.


Got the 2 new dogs into their kennels and settled in, then it was time to give the final meal of the day to the pups, and let all the dogs out for a last wee of the day.


Got back in the house at about 11pm . . a bit tired !


10th July 2010


All the Malamutes are moulting now, and I have one week to get 3 moulting Malamutes ready for thier first show of the year.


It's raining now, just to add to the fun.


I suppose I had better do some training with them before the show.


Moulting, raining, no training for the past couple of months, a helling 2 year old, a 1 year old, and a 9 month old thats never been to a show before . . yeah should do well


Ever since I taught Tico to work in harness, he thinks he has to go everywhere at 90 mph.


I'm hoping he will slow down a little bit in the ring, and stand still just long enough for the judge to get a brief look at him 


I've got a feeling our round is going to take about 5 seconds flat  



8th July 2010


Finally got a chance to go to a show this year . . and Del Tico has decided to blow his coat


I'm taking Luna and Bini as well, and they are looking as good as ever.


There will be a few other family members there as well, so it will be a bit of a family gathering.



1st July 2010


The website reached




worldwide hits today.


" Thank you for all the visits, I hope you continue to enjoy my site "

Tel The Dog



28th June 2010


Had my last walk with the full puppy pack on Saturday morning. Saying my goodbyes is the worst part.


3 of the pups went off to their new homes over the weekend, and one more is going today. 2 more will be gone by next weekend. The whole litter will soon be spread all over the UK.


Good luck puppies, and welcome to all the new members of the Celticwolf family


15th June 2010


Tico has been joining Nika and the pups on their walks.


Mum, Dad and the pups walk down to the gate and back twice a day, moving as a pack of 12.


Tico keeps all the pups together, by running back  to any of the pups that stop and sniff at things, to remind them to keep up. He'll also stop any of the pups going too far ahead, by running up and stopping in front of them.


Sometimes Tico will keep himself between Nika and the pups, to give Nika a bit of free time, and give her some space to walk without tripping over puppies.


Tico moves around the pack as they walk along, the same way a Sheepdog moves around a flock of sheep when you're moving them over some distance. Great to watch



12th June 2010


Pups 7 weeks old


Puppy report.  The pups have met thier Dad.


Tico managed to stop ' Helling '  about the place, long enough for the pups to get close enough to say hello.


It took them a while to realise they couldn't get any milk from him


7th June 2010


The pups are 6 weeks old today.


They have had their second dose of wormer and are growing into strong mini Malamutes.


They have moved outside to live with the big dogs.


The pups are being socialised,  getting used to seeing the older dogs being fed, seeing people come and go, being handled, and watching world go by.


They have been walking up and down the track with Mum and me . . and any visitors that are here at feeding time.


They will be having their first vaccination next week.


Its a busy time for getting all the KC registrations, wormers, weening, socialising etc done on time, and organising a trip to the vet with 10 pups for vaccinations.


4th June 2010


Some sad news today.


Eowyn - Celticwolf Shield Maiden - has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


Eowyn was given a loving home by Gaz and Linda, and was a companion for her little brother, Strider. She will be sadly missed by her pack.


As well as being a family member, Eowyn worked as part of a 2 dog team with her brother and Gaz.

They took part in the last Aveimore Sleddog Rally, and Eowyn will be a great loss at the Rallies.


Gaz and Eowyn also entered some Championship dog shows, and just missed out on going to Crufts.


Eowyn will be waiting for her family on the far side of the bridge. Run Free Girl.


1st June 2010


Some more Celticwolf dogs were out there doing their thing last weekend.


Well done to Jo and Alfee for a 2nd place at their second show.


Well done to Erin and Chello for their two 2nd places in PGB and OB, at Bath Championship show.

Go girls


28th May 2010


Congratulations to Olly and Siku for their 3rd place overall in the Cani-X UK Championship.


Well done guys.


A big well done to little Chewy for his first time out in a Cani-X race with Olly. They took first place in the relay event.


Good to see there are some more working Celticwolf's out there. Keep up the good work Olly


24th May 2010


The pups are 4 weeks old today.


They made it into the garden for the first time yesterday, and had their first meal in the outside world.


All that excitement called for a little nap afterwards. Its tough being a puppy


21st May 2010


The pups have had their first dose of wormer, and have started to find their feet


They can now get from where they sleep over to the food bowl.

It took a few days for them all to realise there it was food in the bowl.


Now they have got the hang of it, they have turned into Gremlins. There's no stopping them now. Stand back


17th May 2010


The pups are 3 weeks old now. Time flies.


They are beginning to respond to sound and have strted to try and stand up.


Sone of them have even managed a few steps before falling over themselves


12th May 2010


The pups are 2 weeks old and they all have thier eyes open.


They can only see a blurred world of light and dark, but can't quite work out what movement is. Any movement gets a blank stare.


Their ears have strated to work as well now. You can see a small reaction to the sounds of clatering about with food bowls.


10th May 2010


Well done to Erin & Chello,

and their back up team  

for the Res. place in Limit, at the National Champ Show.


The pups eyes are beginning to work, and they can tell when I am around.

They give me a blank look when I move around, trying to work out what I am  They are prettry sure already, that I have something to do with food


8th May 2010


Some of the  pups have made the first steps to opening their eyes.


Just a little flicker of the eyelid, to get the first hazy glimps of the world they are about to enter.


All the pups should have their eyes open by next week, and they will be seeing each other for the first time.



6th May 2010


Nika's pups are just over a week old.


They have more than doubled in size since they were born.


They still have their eyes closed, but can tell when Mum is around. They get excited and want to get to her to feed.



29th April 2010


Nika has had her first litter. 

She started having them at midnight on Sunday, and had 8 pups by 8 o'clock in the morning.

I went out to walk some of the dogs, and when I came back to check on her, she had another one.

I went out to walk the rest of the dogs, and got back to see her having yet another one.

10 pups in all. All fit and healthy.

 3 Grey girls & 2 Seal girls, and 4 Grey boys & 1 Seal boy.


Nika did a great job. She cleaned them all up and settled down to feed them all.

Now she wont leave them for a minute. I have to take food and water to her, and make her go out into the garden for a wee.

As soon as she has been, she rushes back to the door to be let back in. Then she goes straight back in to check all the pups, and lays back down with them again.

Nika is a great Mum.



23rd April 2010


Cani-X in Pembrey this weekend. Saturday and Sunday. Worth going to watch.

2 Celticwolf dogs running there. Good luck to Olly & Siku, and to Kirsty & Tug.


Championship Dog Show at Malvern Showground on Sunday.

Luna's first Show, and 3 other Celticwolf dogs entered at the Show. Good luck to you all.


I had dog behaviour training yesterday, and more booked up for today and all this weekend, and more booked in next week. 

I have dogs in season that need to be walked separately twice a day.

I have my other dogs that need 4 separate walks, twice a day.

I also have 2 visiting dogs staying in the kennels that need their 2 walks a day, and 2 more coming to stay next week .

I'm also waiting for Nika to have her first litter of pups. I need to keep an eye on her all day, and she needs her walks, and many little visits to the garden throughout the day.

. . and there's all the feeding and clearing up in the kennels


I could be a little too busy to get to the Cani-X or to ' pop out ' to the Show, which is 6 hours driving there and back . . plus the time at the Show !


22nd April 2010


Nika is beginning to show signs that she is close to having her pups. Showing less interest in going out, and being more happy to just chill out in her own space.

The pups should be here by the end of the week.


I have three different large breeds of dog coming up for behaviour and aggression training over the next week. Just to keep me on my toes. Hopefully I'll still have all my fingers and limbs after they have gone.



18th April 2010


Luna couldn't be more ready for her first two Shows. She is maturing well and has never looked so good. 


Thanks to Kirsty for the extra help with the grooming yesterday.


Luna has a great temperamnet and bahaves well for everyone.

Picture of Kirsty holding Luna on the lead for the first time.


15th April 2010


Really busy for the past week or so, with 3 extra dogs here to look after. 15 dogs up here for the past week, all needing walking twice a day.

I've had tractors coming and going, Opening and shutting gates everywhere, and driving over the fields. So all the dogs want to know what is going on. It stoped me walking all the dogs when I needed to, so had to walk them in between tractor visits, and late in the evening.

Had to go to town for supplies and to see the vets. 

Had Sheepdog training going on in the fields, and more people up for other types of dog training. Hour long lessons here and there.

I've been doing 12 hour days and finishing work after sunset all week. I'm ethier outside or asleep

So I haven't been able to get to the computer all week . . untill today.


Luna has been out walking with Kas, Missy & Bini.  I have been putting extra time aside every day over the past couple of months, to give her some extra trainiing. She has 2 Shows coming up, her only 2 chances to enter in the Puppy classes and get a qualification for Crufts. Karleigh will be taking her to her first Shows, as I am so busy on the farm and with a litter due.

Fingers crossed for them both.

Luna has been having extra washes and blasts to keep her clean for her first shows. This week she's had a big clean up. Washed, feet trimmed, nails clipped, a good blasting, and loads of grooming. She looks the biz.

Wish them luck.


Good to see Paul, Jo and Alfee up here last weekend.

They bought Alfee up to meet his family and do some training. Alfee was happy to see his Mum and Dad, and his sister Bini. They were happy to see him and knew he was one of the family straight away.


Thanks to Olly for the reminder about the Cani-X in Pembrey on April 24th & 25th.

If anyone fancies a trip to see what it is all about . . thats a good place to go.


 11th April 2010


Kas and Missy have been out with Bini.


Bini and Missy were both a bit unsure of meeting a dog the same size as themselves at first.

Missy was confused by a Malamute the same size as her, and Bini was fasinated by this new breed.


They are all hapily walking up and down the track together off lead now.



9th April 2010


Nika has moved into the house to get used to being in her nesting area. 


She has the utility room to herself, and can get some peace and quiet, away from the hubbub of people and dogs coming and going around the yard.


Nika still needs contact with the pack, and has has a couple of gentle walks a day with some of them.


Pictures taken today of Nika out with her pack mates.


The pack also needs to keep in contact with Nika, so they will happily except her back into the Malamute house with her litter of pups, when the time comes.

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