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Celticwolf Pack

Karleigh Atka & Kenai

Belle and family

Kenai & Atka

Celticwolf Healing Touch - Brenna

Brenna the bear

Keiko Chief Juno Geo & Chello

Kenai - Early training

Kenai - Celticwolf Fire dragon

Kenai at his first show

Kenai first show

Kenai & Atka

Kenai & Atka

Kas Juno Dan Tico Kali Nika

Missy & Kas

Kas - Looks like his Dad

Kaskae - Celticwolf Lord of the Ring

Keiko - Celticwolf Runs Like Wind

Keiko chills out

Chello - Celticwolf Warrior Queen

Chello in the snow

Chello looking cosy

Dexter - Celticwolf Northern Lights

Tank - Celticwolf Mountaineer

Timba Tik & Meg - Extended family

Timba with her cat

Skadi - Not forgotten - RIP

Siku - Thats a good Stand 21/4/08

Kaskae - Celticwolf Lord of the Ring

CAI - Celticwolf Titan Warrior

ATKA - Celticwolf Kaiuh Atka

Atka at 4 weeks

LUGH - Celticwolf Gaelic Prince

KASKAE - Celticwolf Lord of the Ring


SIKU - Celticwolf Mynydd Siku

TIKA - Celticwolf Tkianni Shadow

SIKU & JUNO at Quantock rally

KASKAE & SIKU at the Quantock Rally

STRIDER - Celticwolf Lord Elfstone

NANUKE - Celticwolf Pukiq Moondance


CAI - Celticwolf Titan Warrior & friends

TIKANI - Celticwolf Summer Glow

Ceinwen - Celticwolf Mistyc Mist

ECHO - Celticwolf Howling Storm

ABBI - Celticwolf Joy Of Spring

EOWYN - Celticwolf Shield Maiden

KOBI - Celticwolf Golden Sunrise

SKADI-Celticwolf Winter Solstice +GHILLE

JUNO - Celticwolf Summer Solstice

Family Album

Photo's of Celticwolf pups,

from their owners.


Please resize or compress to e-mail, pictures before sending.

We cant get Broadband out here, we're too far from the exchange.


Timba, Chief and Kali, say thank you to everyone that keeps in touch, and lets them know how their babies are getting on.





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