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Ziggy - Changed his behaviour

Ziggy - From AMCUK Rescue

Kayla - Rehabilitated for AMCUK Rescue

Hug a Tug - Rehab.d & trained by Tel

Tugs new owner comes to get her

Sitting with her friends

Good temperament

Running off lead with Chief

Training with a tyre

Taking a break

Working with Chief

Rescue Rehab

Terry has been helping rehabilitate and rehome dogs of all breeds, for over 10 years. 

He has helped many dogs with aggression problems, dogs that have previously been to vets, dog trainers and behaviourists.

No dog,  that has been here for help, has ever been advised to be Put To Sleep.

Terry believes all dogs can be helped, if their human is prepared to learn how.







Ziggy is a AMCUK Rescue dog, kindly Rehomed by Lee and his family.

Ziggy came here for some behaviour trianing and responded very well.

Everyone went away happy


" I can only describe our visit with Terry as unbelievable, had it been on TV I'd have thought it had been edited, but he really did get Ziggy's behavior turned around in minutes, we went there with what we thought was a problem dog, and came away with the realisation that the dog was fine, but the owners didn't fully understand his needs, thanks Terry "



" we have been to visit Terry at Celtic Wolf today and it was nothing short of remarkable, within minutes he had Ziggy submitting and walking on the lead without pulling "



" If I hadn't seen the change in his behavior with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it "





Just one of the dogs Terry has helped for AMCUK Rescue.

Her original owners got rid of her because they let her become aggressive.

She is now staying at her foster home, after being advised that she should be ' PTS ' because of her agression.

Her new owners came to Terry for advice, and have since been working at home with Kayla.

Kayla has improved with the work her new owners have put in.


" We are ever so grateful to Terry for the time he devoted, spending the entire afternoon and part of his evening with us. Kayla probably wouldn’t be here today without all his efforts. "

" I'm so glad we met up, even though it was a bit stressful at the time "

" I think its a special job that you do, one to be very proud of!! "



" . . . it's really refreshing to hear about rehab stories such as Kayla's. It's extremely sad to think of how many dogs, all shapes and sizes, that get PTS, more often than not through no real fault of their own. I hope other people read your website and see that there are other options, that there is help out there, and all is not necessarily lost for dogs in that situation."



Rehabilitated & Rehomed


Tuggy came to Terry at 14 months old, in a total hyper state. She had no idea of any commands, and didn't even know her name. She spent every waking hour panting, pacing and whining.


She has been rehabilitated and now has a nice new active home.


I wish her and her new owners a happy time together.

She has already entered a 5k Cani-X race, and came 3rd.

Well done 


2 year old Wolf Grey & White female.


Eye Tested


Hip Scored


KC registered






Good temperament.


Friendly with people and dogs.


Obedience trained.


SIT - DOWN & STAND, to hand signals.


Walks on lead without pulling.


Recalls across a field while other dogs are running free.


Works well in harness, with tyre, bike or rig.


Trained to Gee - Haw - Whoa - Hike on.


Will happily work in team with other dogs.

With dogs in front - behind - or side by side.


Has been in 2 rallies with Chief.



If you need help with your dog,




want to give a dog a forever home :-


Phone 01559 371696 for details.

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