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Terry working with the Malamute family

Walking the Malamutes

Tel and his pack

Chilling with the pack

Calm and relaxed

10 dogs offlead next to a field of sheep

Puppy Training

10 dog off lead Stand

10 dog Down Stay

5 Sheepdogs 4 Sleddogs off lead Stand

9 dog down Stay - Basic training

Terry with his Sheepdogs

Basic obedience

6 Malamute - Down Stay

2 Mals & 5 Sheepdogs - Basic training

Working in harness

Penning at a Sheepdog Trail

Standing by sheep

Standing by cows

5 Malamute - Down stay

Stand Stay

Juno, Bini 9 months, Tico, Luna 1 yr

The Malamutes working on the farm

Chief at Crufts 2005

Juno at Crufts 2008

Chief at Crufts 2009

Sheepdog trophies

Puppy training


Harness training

Stand Stay - First year basic training

Kayla - Laying in the front

Fly the Sheepdog

Bibby - The Norwegian Buhund

Celt - The Great Dane


Archie - The Rodesiean Ridgeback

Archie meets the Malamute pups

Archie - 3 qualifications for Crufts

Oliver the Leonberger

Caroline & Kaiser in Malta

Jack & Bella from Switzerland


Breed specific training and rehabilitation for Alaskan Malamutes.

Puppy Training - Basic Obedience - Working - Showing - Pulling on Lead - Recall - Behaviour with other dogs, or humans - etc


Training for humans - Teaching how to train your dog ;-)


Training and problem solving for all breeds.


For information about training please call :-


01559 371696


About Terry aka 'Tel The Dog'


Terry mainly works with Malamutes and Sheepdogs, but also does all types of training, with all breeds of dogs. Local Vets and Pet shops recommend Terry when clients ask about behaviour training.


Terry has worked his Malamutes on the farm for the past 10 years and has competed with them in Sled Dog rallies since 2006. He has been placed Top  Alaskan Malamute Team in Sleddog Rallies and also goes trekking for miles on the forest trails, just for the fun of it and to be out in the forest with his pack.

He first qualified one of his Malamutes for Crufts in 2005 ( Chief ) and went on to qualify for Crufts for 6 years running. He also qualified 2 more of his Malamutes for Crufts for 2 years running ( Timba & Juno ), and qualified yet another one of his malamutes for Crufts 2013 (Luna)

3 other Celticwolf pups have also qualified for Crufts over 6 different years, including Crufts 2014.

At least one Celticwolf Malamute has qualified for Crufts every year since 2005, sometimes qualifying 2 or 3 in the same year.



Terry has a vast amount of experience in dog training, having bred, reared, trained, and competed with his own dogs at the highest level, in many competitve disciplins and has many first places in Competitive Obedience (Crufts Qualifying, top Level), Sheepdog Trials ( County Team Member ), Sleddog Rallies ( Top placed Malamute team ), and Championship Dog Shows ( 20 Crufts qualifications - Multiple places at Crufts ).

 Terry also has 1st place Rosettes in Agility and has competed in Flyball.


Previously he has been an instructor at a few different Dog Training clubs, teaching beginners, through to the higher levels, as well as teaching Ringcraft, and instructing the clubs instructors in Competitive Obedience.

 He has also Judged Sheepdog Trials, and Dog Shows at County Shows.


Terry rehabilitates aggressive and problem dogs for private owners and for various Breed Club Rescue organisations. He works with dogs that behaviourists, dog trainers and vets have failed to help and has had succesful results with these dogs; even when others had advised that they be put down due to their inability to fix the dog.


Terry has never advised a dog should be ' put to sleep '


He also teaches dog training and handling to humans  


Terry competed with his first Border Collie in Competetive Obedience. Winning in Pre Beginners, 5 wins in beginners, 5 wins in Novice, 3 wins in A, 3 wins in B, and a 3rd place in C, to compete at the top level of Competitive Obedience, ' C Only '.


He qualified his first ISDS Sheepdog for the County Team, and has had 2 generations of his pure bred ISDS Sheepdogs, in the County Sheepdog Team.

He has qualified 6 different members of his sheepdog pack for the County Sheppdogs team (Top 10 best sheepdogs in the county) and his Sheepdogs have qualified for the County Team for 6 years running.

Terry qualified 3 of his Sheepdogs, from a litter he bred, for the South Wales Sheepdog Finals Team ( Top 6 Sheepdogs at end of trailing season ) Thats 3 of the 6 top dogs in the Carmarthenshire County Sheepdog Team. The County thats world renown for having some of the worlds best Sheepdogs and handlers.


Terry trains Sheepdogs for farmers, for Sheepdog Trailists and also trains Sheepdog Handling skills to humans. He also teaches Gundogs and their owners.





"I am so impressed. I can not believe what I have just seen. Cai our dog walking as a pack follower behind my son Trystan. This is only after spending an hour  and a half with Terry today. Thank you so much" - Sian. 


"within under an hour he had Dief walking behind him and stopping without any verbal or physical contact, we couldn't believe our eyes. We can't thank Terry enough" - Ross & Kelly


"It was unbelievable to see how quickly you were able to command Zeus with the principally simple yet very effective methods you have.

We have managed to keep up the disipline and enjoy greatly reduced stress levels when taking him out"


 " I can only describe our visit with Terry as unbelievable, had it been on TV I'd have thought it had been edited, but he really did get Ziggy's behavior turned around in minutes, we went there with what we thought was a problem dog, and came away with the realisation that the dog was fine, but the owners didn't fully understand his needs, thanks Terry "

AMCUK Rescue


" If I hadn't seen the change in his behavior with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it " 


" we both thought you were amazing.MOVE OVER CESAR MILAN! "


" Just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday, your expertise is fantastic and we learnt so much. I took the dogs out this morning and it was a pleasure.... the dogs are much calmer and i feel more confident."


" we have been to visit Terry at Celticwolf today and it was nothing short of remarkable, within minutes he had Ziggy submitting and walking on the lead without pulling "

AMCUK Rescue


" We brought him to you as he was showing some signs of aggresion in the ring with other mals and pulling on the lead. you were absolutely amazing with him and i can honestly say that you explained a lot to us "


" a huge relief. i would say he's 99.9% better "


" We both really appreciate the time you spent with us going over the dominance/obedience training. I think both of us were so shocked at the time as to how quickly you managed to change her from pulling on her lead to walking dutifully beside you. Something she has thankfully continued to do ever since :)
Thanks Again,"


" Thank you very much for our two days of training. we have learnt so much now to put it into practice. You are an inspiration."


" Good news, with your help, we've turned him into an angel :) I took up every last one of your suggestions and within hours we saw improvements, within 3 days great improvements and now he's not play biting at all. He will wait for ever, staring into our eyes, for us to tell him he can go to get the food. "


" I can definitely say it's worked wonders. We now have a submissive and playful and loving and obedient teddy bear! "


" Thank you for your help, thank you so much from all of us! "


Kayla probably wouldn’t be here today without all his efforts. "

AMCUK Rescue

" I'm so glad we met up, even though it was a bit stressful at the time "

" I think its a special job that you do, one to be very proud of!! "

" I hope other people read your website and see that there are other options, that there is help out there, and all is not necessarily lost for dogs in that situation."





Pack Harmony Training


We help  Alaskan Malamutes with aggression problems, and Malamutes that have previously been to vets, dog trainers and behaviourists.

No Malamute, or any other dog,  that has been here for behaviour help, has ever been advised to be put to sleep. With the right training and guidance for the owners, we believe all dogs can be helped.


The list below is the type of the things we are regularly asked about, and help with.


Puppy Training



From 2 months to 6 months.


Sit - Down - Stand - Recall - Leave - Walking on lead.


Plus all the things you should be doing regularly with your puppy, to aviod problems in the future.






First year Basic obedience


Walking on lead without pulling - Sit - Down - Stand 

Wait - Recall - Stay - Hold - Leave - Harness training - Show Training, etc.









Nail clipping

The ' Stand '


What to do in the ring








Dominance and aggression issues - Possessive and grumbling over food, bones, toys  - Pushing through doorways - Pulling you around with the lead - Taking over the sofa or bed - Over excited or protective with visitors - Aggression towards other dogs - etc.






Introducing a young dog to a harness 


Fitness training 


Working with a rig


Teaching directions


Working in a team.



Terry also trains Sheepdogs and Gundogs



Sheepdog Training


Working with a whistle


Come bye




Walk on


That'll do






Going between the sheep and the fence



Gundog training


Steady with the gun




Working to the whistle




Search left or right



If you would like to arrange an assessment or lesson, or would like to book a dog in for training, give us a call on 01559 371696  and we'll arrange a time and date.




Pictures below of Dogs that have been here for training ;




Kayla came here through AMCUK Rescue, because she was dog to dog, and human aggressive. It was advised that she should be killed ( PTS - Put To Sleep  ) because of her aggression towards other dogs and humans.

After a few hours work with Terry, she was walking with his 5 Sheepdogs, that were running around off lead, and after a bit of training her fosterers took her home to carry on the work.


Her fosterers have put in a lot of work and Kayla has come on leaps and bounds. Well done guys.





Fly - Came to stay for a months Sheepdog training.

She learnt - Come bye - Away - Lay down - walk on - and, That'll do.

She is now back with her farmer, going out on the farm with him everyday, and working the sheep.




Bibby the Norwegian Buhund learnt - Not to jump out of the car as soon as the door opens - Sit - Down - and walk to heal on the lead.

Her owner can now saftly get her out of the car, and walk her down the road without her pulling him around.




Celt the Great Dane came for some behaviour and obedience training.

First he learnt  . .

- not  to jump up into my face and chew on my arms  

Then . .

- not to pull my arms out of there sockets, and to walk nicely to heal, while on the lead.

- Sit and Down to hand signals.

His onwers can now walk him without being dragged around, and he behaves much better with visitors.





Archie the Rhodesian Ridgeback came for Ringcraft training. He was nervous in the ring and wouldn't stand still for a judge to go over him.

After some training he got Best in Show at the  County Show and then went to a Championship show and qualified or Crufts 2009.

With some top up training this year, he went to a Championship show and won 1st place in PGD, and qualified for his second year at Crufts.

Archie has just gained his second qualification for Crufts 2010, with a 2nd place in PGD at Richmond Championship Show.

Well done Jo and Archie




Olliver the Leonberger met me when I was judging the County dog show.

He had to be taken into the ring on a haltie, because he was so nervous.

After coming for some ringcraft training, he went out in his Show collar and lead, and won a first place.

He can now be Shown to his best and has a promising career in the ring.


Molly a Great Dane from Great Dane Rescue, came to here because she was aggressive towards other dogs. 

After some work she was walking with her owner up and down the track without pullig, and with 3 Sheepdogs running around off lead.



Kaiser's owner, Caroline, called from Malta to get some advice on how to stop her dog mouthing and jumpng on people, and being aggressive over food. She didn't want to rehome the dog, if training was an option.


After following Terry's advice, Kaiser stopped his unwanted beaviour and is able to carry on living with his human pack.


" Hey Terry !!!

Good news, with your help, we've turned him into an angel :) I took up every last one of your suggestions and within hours we saw improvements, within 3 days great improvements and now he's not play biting at all. He will wait for ever, staring into our eyes, for us to tell him he can go to get the food. After I called you, I sat everyone down and explained the deal, everyone agreed to be consistent and I can definitely say it's worked wonders. We now have a submissive and playful and loving and obedient teddy bear! "


" Thank you for your help, thank you so much from all of us!


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