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Arctic Invader Del Biagio Of Celticwolf

Salve, mi chiamo Tico. Piacere

Happy boy

2nd show - Best in Show Jnr.

BIS jnr & Res BIS jnr, before 1 year old

Showing in Italy at 9 months old

1st show - Reserve Best in Show Jnr.

Showing a Italia

Tico with Giuseepe at Crufts

Terry, Tico and Giuseppe at Crufts

Giuseppe & Terry in Italian mountains

BIS jnr & Res BIS jnr trophies

Tico with his new friends

Kali Juno Tico Nika & Chief

Familiar looks. Just turned 1 year

Ciao mia bambino

Pround heritage

Training with Terry

Italian Mum - American Champion Dad


Lets play lets play

Fly by

Kas, Juno, Dan & Tico with Kali & Nika

Juno & Tico chill out with the Sheepdogs

Welcome Tico

 Ciao. Benvenuto a nostro nuova ragazzo 


Arctic Invader Del Biagio Of Celticwolf  ( IMP ITA )

BIS jnr & RBIS jnr.


Tico, the new member of the Celticwolf pack has arrived in the UK, after 2 years of planning and travelling to and from Italy .


Both of Tico's parents had all their health checks, and all Tico's health tests were completed in Italy - plus the tests that don't get done in the UK - and all his documents are here with him.


Elbows 0

Eyes Clear of HC

Correct Teeth


Tico's mother is Eenak Del Bigio,  is a mix of 2 well known European Kennels.

Del Biagio & Jungla Negra,


Eenak Dad is   ' International Champion & American Champion Daystar del Biagio ' ( Half brother of  Int Ch Royal Star ) 

Eenak's Mum is Give me your heart de jungla Negra ' ( From the kennel in Spain )



Eenak was sent to the USA for a mating with  

' American Champion Aluk building a dream  ROM WWPD WWPDA WWPDX ' - aka  Karl .


Karl  is a mix of two well known and very successful kennels in the USA 

Vykon & Aluk


Karl's Dad is ' Ameriacan Champion Vykons Matanusha Mak ROM ' - Sire of 16 American Champions & 2 Canadian Champions  

( Thanks to Vicky of  Vykon Alaskan Malamutes, USA, for the info  )

Karl's Mum is ' Aluk's Crow Feather ROM ' .



Tico was born back in Italy, at the world famous Del Biagio kennels, where he was raised and trained.


At 6 months old he had his preliminary Hip and Eye tests and passed with no problems.

Then he started having all the vaccinations and medical treatment he needed, to get his passport and export papers.


At 9 months old Tico started his Showing career at the Del Biagio kennels in Italy.


Tico was handled in Italy by our friend Moni, who handled New Royal Star de Jungla Negra ( Son of Royal Star ) at Crufts 2007.

Moni and Rolli were the first ever handler and Malamute to win Best of breed and go on to win Best of Group at Crufts.

They  went on to the 7 dog line-up, for Best in Show, winner of Crufts. The highest placed handler and Malamute at Crufts - ever.


So he was in good hands.


Our little fella won his first class at his very first show, and went on to get a Reserve best in Show junior.

Pretty good for his first time out.


At his second show he did even better, and won Best in Show Junior.


Thats what happens when a dog is bred, raised, trained and handled, by one of the most successfull kennels in europe.


At 1 year old our boy had his Hip, Elbow and Eye tests.


Then he started his long journey to the UK.


Tico was driven across euorpe by Giuseppe and Moni, to meet us at Crufts.

I then bought him back to Wales on my return journey from Crufts.


Tico had a long jouney and enjoyed a good run in the fields the next day.


He has now settled in well with the other dogs, and has become part of the Celticwolf pack.


He will soon be out to start his Showing career, here in the UK.

Can't wait





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